The Commandments Of Pipe Fittings

5000 Series Fittings consist of three main elements: figures, Nuts, and Sleeves. Since the fitting nose and flared tubing are drawn together, they’re supported by the fitting sleeve, which distributes the compressing load caused by the nut because it is threaded on the fitting human body during construction. Materials popular to fabricate JIC fixtures include forged carbon steel , forged stainless , forged brass , machined metal, Monel and nickel-copper alloys.

The sealing and holding function for flared pipeline is solely metallic. ​JIC Fitting is a selection of hydraulic fixtures which can be produced in accordance towards the SAE J514 and ISO 8434-2 standards. The JIC 37° flare male will mate with a JIC female just. SAE 45-degree flare fittings are comparable in features, but aren’t interchangeable, though dash sizes 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 14, and 16 share equivalent thread size.

Easily put, The FLARE-® adapter is fully suitable for the commercial 37° flare design, featuring its dual seal system. 304 metal seal without a finish for standard carbon metal fittings. Then, tighten the nut by making use of a spanner before nut is tight and also the sleeve grips onto the tube. HAW provides quality tested and authorized JIC fittings for an extensive range of hydraulics applications – from mobile to heavy-duty.

Some confusion exists about the difference between AN (Army-Navy) fixtures and JIC (Joint business Council) fittings. The development of the Flaretite Seal eliminates the weakness in the original flare design. The flare fitting sleeve insures tube positioning because of the fitting body axis and minimizes technical strain on the tube.

Having proven performance with of the Worlds hardest to seal flared fitting applications, Flaretite seals are offered for used in Standard 37° JIC flared type hydraulic fixtures, 37° JIC 316 stainless aquatic fixtures & work extremley well on 45° SAE metal fittings for refrigeration. Engineers at Ryco, Houston Tex., allow us the JSEAL hose fitting, a JIC fitting that apparently fulfills or surpasses the performance of -ring face seal (ORFS) fixtures.

You sought out JIC Fittings. Our seal keeps the low profile, versatility, and world-wide option of flared fittings. At Custom Fittings we make and stock the greatest ranges of JIC 37° Flare & SAE ” Ring Adaptors in Europe. Search through our choice of domestic and import JIC fittings to find the kind that best suits you most readily useful.

We carry locknuts, tube peanuts, plugs, pipeline tees, as well as other fittings. 316 metal seal with Loctite Vibra Seal layer for Nickel plated and 316 SS fittings. JIC, or (Joint Industrial Council) fittings showcase a 37° flare that seals with a metal to metal contact between the flared nose regarding the fitting therefore the flared female mating face on pipe or hose end.

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